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Kits Tundra en cours d'assemblage

Ken Gifford is from Appleton WI, just North of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  He visited us during AirVenture 2005 in Oshkosh and took the TUNDRA up for a demo flight.  Ken was pleased with the flight and the TUNDRA's rugged construction and ordred a tail kit in August 2005, right after the AirVenture show.  Following are some pictures of Ken's assembly progress.

Rudder parts pre-assembled on clecos.

Horizontal stabiliser structure all riveted together.

Elevators structures riveted and ready for the skins.

Vertical stabiliser and rudder completely assembled.

Wing assembly

Ken aligning holes

You can't have better help then that...

Andrew checking his work...

WOW ! this is beautiful work...realy nice..

Part of the fuselage nicelly primed

Oh ! This is where it goes...

Another view this time inside and with the skin on and the control cables already in..

Now it's time to get the cabin done so we can put the two parts together..You're getting closer...


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JEFF PAGE - Ontario, Canada

Picture added on February 27, 2007

Left wing all assembled on clecos.


Jeff doing some deburring work on wing ribs and other parts.

Jeff re-assembled his cabin on clecos in his basement

Jeff at the DreamAircraft factory, sitting in his clecoed cabin and
imagining a lot more of the aircraft being completed.


Jeff's friend Mike holding the skinned left elevator in his right hand
and the right elevator frame in his left.


Jeff and Mike working on the stabiliser

Jeff working on the rudder.



Nice workplace for the job !




Workbench in Jeff's hangar

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The kit has just arrived at the farm

Now here's Robert and his wife and in the back the stab on clecos


The stab part being primed

The stab skeleton assembled and waiting for the shin

The skin partialy riveted and the rest on clecos

The elevator almost complete

Now we are looking at the wing squeletton

Same wings with skin....Nice...

Robert Grandson, Corey look pretty happy to help his Grandfather...





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Andre and his fuselage in front of his house

The righ wing ready to put the skin on.

This one is ready to the aileron and the flap.

Now you can see that Andre is a specialist in the electronic world. Hey ! where are my socks...

Now isn't this a beauty...nice work Andre

A brand new 180 HP to put on the nose


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We waited a long time to get pictures of Michelle Tundra

Well there it is

First the beautifull panel

Then it's with the wings on

Now we are going out side for a ride

I know it's not the ride you were thinking about

It's a ride to the paint shop...


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R. BANVILLE/ S. MOUTON, Montérégie, QC, Can

S. Mouton picking up the Cabin & Fuselage section of their TUNDRA kit

The trailer full with parts

R. Bainville working on the horizontal stabilizer

R. Bainville working on the horizontal stabilizer

S.Mouton working on the wing

Now ! that's beautiful work..let's see more

Those guy's are professional...really


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JEAN-RENÉ RIVET, Mirabel, QC, Canada

Completely assembled tail section

Front and rear spar are assembled.


Front and rear spar during assembly


Jean-René Rivet working on his wing


The wings structure is complete...very nice work


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DAVID J. HURLBUT - Odessa, ON, Canada
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Mr. Kinninger came to the DreamAicraft factory in late October 2006 to take advantage of the first builder assist program to be given at the DreamAircraft factory. This builder assist program allowed Mr. Kinninger to complete his TUNDRA airframe in two weeks.  In the few weeks before coming to the factory, Jim was having his hangar built in Nevada.  Here are some great pictures of the hangar and the beautiful countryside where his TUNDRA now resides.

This surely is beautiful country and I think the TUNDRA will feel right at home in this rugged terrain...

Now we have to work on the Jim is working on the wings of the fast build kit version of the TUNDRA

With Pat help, Jim is working on the rudder

Now Jim's working on the stab

Here's Jim on the fuselage cabin section

Jim and Pat , putting the last skin on the fuselage section.

Putting the Fin on the fuselage

That's what you call a flap...a big one

The wing is being fixed on the fuselage

Now , Jim's going to fix the flap to the wing

Jim's putting the cover for the floor

There's nothing like looking at the drawings to know what we should do after

You know what ? I can't wait to get this baby flying

Now that the stob lights are fixed, we will be able to put them on the wings.


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Ok, this is almost done, wow ! this is too easy

At this rate, this is going to be fast..

Carol is putting clecos on the stab skin

Now the wing on clecos

Now primed and riveted

The fuselage is next...with a little extra

Fuselage skin on and riveted



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Here's Chris already being supervised by is son while assembling the Tundra stab...


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Kits Tundra complétés
BOB LEPSCHI - Midland, ON, Canada

Bob Lepschi, who bought TUNDRA kit number 9 on October 30, 2004 (a regular kit), finished the assembly in late August 2005 and made his first flight on September 6, 2005. The flight went perfectly. The aircraft was stable and with no surprises.  See photos below for a taste of the event.

Take off roll...

In flight on short final

First landing...looks like a three point

Bob Lepschi (center) proudly posing after this exciting first flight,
with company owner Yvan Desmarais (left) and Sales manager Luc Prémont.

Bob looks pretty happy about his work

Everythings seems to be ready to be assemble

Very nice paint job Mr. Lepschi !!!

On amphib...WOW the Dream...

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ROSAIRE GAGNÉ - Lac Brompton, QC, Canada


Has you can see, a lot has been done already. Getting closer to that first flight...

Wings are completely assembled and the doors will soon be finished too.

M. Gagné posing proudly in front of his Tundra with
Yvan Desmarais from DreamAircraft.

Continue on with your good work Mr. Gagné and
keep us posted about that first flight... 

New pictures added on October 25, 2006.




1st  FLIGHT  OCCURED  ON  JANUARY  4 th,  2007

This picture was taken right after the inaugural first flight of  C - FICO

Congratulations  Mr.  Gagné

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LÉONARD DERAPS - Natashquan, QC, Canada

Mr. Deraps made his first flight on October 3, 2006 at 10H00. His TUNDRA flies with a Continental 0-470 engine and according to him; "it climbs like a helicopter at 130 mph..."




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ROBERT BLAIS - Québec, Canada

These pictures show the degree of work done as of December 2005. 

More work has been done since...

The fuselage and cabin section is rivited and approximately 75% finished.

The last fuselage skin will be riveted when all the control cables are installed.

The sticks are installed.

This tricycle Tundra will be flying soon...The wings installation is also completed, with the fuel tanks intalled and connected, the control cables connected and the wing tips installed.

The instrument panel is completed  and will be installed in the airplane next week (June 12, 2006).

Finally, the cabin floor panel needs to be riveted.


If everything goes as planned... and if progress continues at this rate... Airventure controllers should hear;  Oshkosh Approach, this is Canadian Foxtrot India November Xray,
inbound for landing Oshkosh...   : )






This is the Tricycle before OSHKOSH

And Finaly on our way to AIRVENTURE

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YVAN DESMARAIS - Roxton Pond, Quebec



Nice airplane

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REAL MORNEAU - Nicolet QC, Canada

On the numbers and it's a go for the first flight,

everything went great... congratulation Real for a job well done

Tumbs up... should I say more...

Ok! We are getting ready for the first flight

A walk around and up we go

Here's the finished project before the flight test.

Good job Real, can't wait to see it fly...


Next step is engine and avionics and this baby is flying. Good job Real

Mr Morneau's TUNDRA is approaching completion

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JEAN-MICHEL SAUVÉ - Prévost, QC, Canada

That's a good start...lets see more

Now it's getting serious...what's next

It is great to see that even in summer time, there's always a way to find the shade to work comfortably this the way to go

Mr. Sauve posing in front of DreamAircraft's demo plane, the TUNDRA 200.

Only one skin to go on this one..The workmanship is pretty good.

Now it's fuselage/cabin time

                         Needs two more seat in the back and were in business                                   


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First Flight...Congratulation Lynn for a job well done.

Looks like you did...Now it is getting serious, your much closer to the....

Hey ! Lynn, do you have enough space to go through there ???

First run up after the final inspection

At this stage, we are very close  to ship the kit to Lynn in South Dakota  where he will put the final touch on his kit.

Lynn is now working on putting the last skin of his wing,...I'd rather be in his position then Robert's...

After buing a fast build kit, Lynn came to our shop to participate in our builder assist program.

You can see him work on his stab.

Picture below shows Mr and Mrs Sanderson with DreamAircraft representatives


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This a nice paint job...what a  look

Flying over St-Hyacinthe region

Dynon Glass cockpit and Garmin GPS

OK now, we're back for touch down... everything went well and

everybody's very happy now

You will see this one in Oshkosh...

Nose up and we are on our way for a first circuit


On the ramp... we're getting closer now

A little walk around before the first flight to make sure

everything is OK

Picture taken at the hangar in Bromont ( CZBM ) before the final inspection

Which by the way went pretty well.

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