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Mr. Kinninger came to the DreamAicraft factory in late October 2006 to take advantage of the first builder assist program to be given at the DreamAircraft factory. This builder assist program allowed Mr. Kinninger to complete his TUNDRA airframe in two weeks.  In the few weeks before coming to the factory, Jim was having his hangar built in Nevada.  Here are some great pictures of the hangar and the beautiful countryside where his TUNDRA now resides.

This surely is beautiful country and I think the TUNDRA will feel right at home in this rugged terrain...

Now we have to work on the Jim is working on the wings of the fast build kit version of the TUNDRA

With Pat help, Jim is working on the rudder

Now Jim's working on the stab

Here's Jim on the fuselage cabin section

Jim and Pat , putting the last skin on the fuselage section.

Putting the Fin on the fuselage

That's what you call a flap...a big one

The wing is being fixed on the fuselage

Now , Jim's going to fix the flap to the wing

Jim's putting the cover for the floor

There's nothing like looking at the drawings to know what we should do after

You know what ? I can't wait to get this baby flying

Now that the stob lights are fixed, we will be able to put them on the wings.


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