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So many kit manufacturers, so many designs, it is confusing. How can I make the right decision? Return to FAQ

There certainly is a profusion of designs out there and many new companies are created every year, and many companies go out of business every year too. Also, the best or most futuristic or promising design may not always come from the best or most promising company.

So it is safe to look at a company's history, how and when they started to build airplane kits and what their future looks like. Are they a stable and financially successful company "How promising are they"?

Then evaluate their design. Is it a proven design or a rather futuristic unproven design? Is it technologically advanced or is it still all hand built and error prone? Are the parts, drawings and assembly manual created with "preventing most common and possible mistakes" in mind or is everything rather confusing?

We believe that DreamAircraft and the TUNDRA offer an exceptionally high value in all these areas.

Dream Aircraft was created in 1997. It is a division of another company (Desmarais & Gagn? Inc) that started business over 25 years ago. The main company is very stable and financially successful. They have an engineering and technical drawing department and they own all the computer drawing capabilities, all the expensive CNC equipment and a 60,000 sq ft facility in Granby, QC, Canada.

The TUNDRA prototype number 1 was finalized and flew in 2001, it then evolved into the final kit that was introduced for the first time to the public and media at Sun'n'Fun in Lakeland, Florida in 2003.

Therefore, choosing the TUNDRA means choosing a technologically advanced kit plane made from a proven design with well-known materials. It is a kit that was made to be rugged and easy to assemble. The completed project, being a strong and long-lasting kit plane will be a wise investment and will hold its value.

Equally important, your kit will come from a financially stable company who will be there in the future to assist you with assembling and maintaining you aircraft and for any future parts needs. The DreamAircraft division is now well implanted and successful. Part of the building has just been renovated and accommodated with the tools and equipment needed for our builder assist program. Also, in addition to the TUNDRA kit, Dream Aircraft obtained some contracts for producing parts for others in the aviation industry; certified aircraft and business jets parts, as well as kit manufacturers parts. In light of these endeavours, the future of DreamAircraft is very promising.

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