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I looked at your performance numbers on the website and found them very impressive. However, are these numbers realistic or optimistic? How did you come up with these figures? Are they actual or computer-generated estimates? Return to FAQ

All our performance numbers are actual numbers achieved with the TUNDRA. We never published figures before proving them in flight. So you will not find optimistic computer estimates data on our web site or on any of our flyers. In fact, we bought skis in 2004, only to be able to fly the TUNDRA with them, so we could publish actual performance data with skis.

We are now thinking about buying some amphibian floats so we can publish actual performance data for the TUNDRA on amphibian floats. Furthermore, if you look at our flyers or at the performance page on the website, we mention what kind of engine and propeller were used for achieving these figures. We do not, for example, use a coarser propeller to show a better climb performance figure. The numbers shown are honest and what you see is what you?ll get with a similar configuration.

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