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If you wish to fly your own plane for your visit at DreamAircraft, there is a very nice General Aviation airport in Bromont, just 15 minutes from our plant.

It will be our pleasure to pick you up at the airport and take you for a visit.


Information about the Bromont airport (see note below) :

Airport ID: CZBM
Longitude / Latitude: N 45 17 27    W 72 44 29
Elevation: 374 feet

05 L / 23 R 5000’ x 100’ Asphalt

05 R / 23 L 3200’ x 320’ Grass

Communications: MF / ATF 122.15
Procedures: Right hand circuit Rwy 05 R & 23 R
IFR Approaches:

RNAV (GPS) Rwy 05L
RNAV (GPS) Rwy 23R
LOC or NDB Rwy 05L
LOC (BC) / DME Rwy 23R


Click here to see the approach plates in PDF format for info only.

Click here to see a portion of the VFR Aeronautical chart for the Bromont airport area on



Useful websites links :


Bromont Airport Website

Website for VFR charts ( Bromont appears on Vermont area chart )

Nav Canada ( Weather and flight planning website )

Nav Canada ( Canadian Airports diagrams )


Note: All the above information is NOT FOR NAVIGATION but for your information only. Please refer to official publications such as: C.A.P. (Canadian Air Pilot – for approach plates), C.F.S. (Canadian Flight Supplement – for airports info), NOTAMS, etc… for all your navigation needs.