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With your purchase of the TUNDRA kit, we will guide you in the building process of your project. As far as we know, no other kit on the market is as easy to build as the TUNDRA.

The TUNDRA structure is already built to attach a tail or nose wheel and even floats (all required parts are included). All through your youth, you enjoyed playing with your Mecano toys. Now, thanks to Dream Aircraft, once the assembly is done, you will be able to fly with it

DREAM AIRCRAFT wanted, from the start, to be different in their philosophy. This, from the conception through to the construction of the plane. This approach can be simplified to these points :
• Simple and efficient conception
• High investment return

TUNDRA : A simple and efficient conception. The specific load book required by DREAM AIRCRAFT INC. was the classic bush plane approach :
• speed at take-off and short landing
• fast altitude gain
• large autonomy
• high load capacity
• good handling (on the ground and in the air).

These characteristics will be harmonized with the pre-requisites of the conception :
• durability and versatility
• good pay load capacity
• high autonomy.

Versatility and durability : The TUNDRA is an all metal plane conceived and manufactured with the highest standards in the kit industry and amateur construction. The TUNDRA was made to easily adapt to all styles : wheels, floats & skis. This mix of strength and adaptability renders this plane one of the most versatile in the market.

• Useful load : The TUNDRA offers a high useful load 
and an efficient distribution of the load in the center of gravity. With the ability to have four passengers, a useful load  of more than 1100 pounds and 58 gallons of fuel (219.5 liters), this plane is definitely categorized as a "utility" plane. Most important fact is that with this high useful load capacity, the planes performances are still very impressive.

High Autonomy : A high autonomy means more than just a high fuel capacity. At the planes earliest design stage, a high efficiency/power/weight ratio was prioritized to offer great autonomy and economy.