In 1979, Yvan and Yves Desmarais founded, with their cousin Serge Gagné and backed by their mother Gisèle, the company D & G Inc. The company is specialized in Welding and assembly. After some modest beginnings in their home garage, D & G Inc. gains a solid reputation based on its integrity and the quality of its workmanship.

As the years pass, the company invests in new technology with the purchase of welding robots and in 1996, they move in a new 60,000 square feet plant. A couple of years later, the company invests again; this time, 1.5 million dollars is invested in the purchase of high technology machinery for sheet metal transformation.

Yvan Desmarais, the company’s vice-president, has always been fascinated by aviation. A pilot since he was 19 years old, he nurtured a dream which he transmitted to his business partners. His dream was of a highly secure plane; be it on wheels or on floats. A plane that would be solid, durable and easy to build.

With more than 20 years expertise in manufacturing and with Yvan’s flying experience on many different aircrafts, the construction of the first prototype began in 1998. The first flight was done at the Bromont airport on May 12th 2001 with great success. Following this first flight, many more are accomplished in the month and with the necessary flying hours accumulated by June 7th 2001, the special flying certificate can be delivered. On October 3rd 2001, the first flight on floats is accomplished, again with great success. But work has now only begun. Back from those successful flights, the second prototype is now taking form. The dream continues...