At DreamAircraft, we took all the extra steps and gave special attention to every little detail that would make the difference between creating a good kit plane and creating a great kit plane. 

Following is a list of special features added with our goal of making the TUNDRA the best kit possible. These special features make “THE TUNDRA DIFFERENCE”:

» Matched Holes Process
» Wing profile and structure
» Fail-safe hole pattern
» Wings struts attachments
» Cabin structure
» Reinforced Firewall and cabin
» Windshield
» Landing gear
» Aluminum welded pressure tested fuel tanks
» Hardware
Wings struts attachments
This is a high stress part of any airplane, and especially on float and ski planes. It is also a problem area on many kits on the market today. The length, thickness and overall strength of those attachements is of utmost importance to prevent major problems. Just a look at the TUNDRA strut attachments will convince you that this is a problem solver.