At DreamAircraft, we took all the extra steps and gave special attention to every little detail that would make the difference between creating a good kit plane and creating a great kit plane. 

Following is a list of special features added with our goal of making the TUNDRA the best kit possible. These special features make “THE TUNDRA DIFFERENCE”:

» Matched Holes Process
» Wing profile and structure
» Fail-safe hole pattern
» Wings struts attachments
» Cabin structure
» Reinforced Firewall and cabin
» Windshield
» Landing gear
» Aluminum welded pressure tested fuel tanks
» Hardware
Reinforced Firewall and cabin
On the TUNDRA, the firewall is bolted to a steel frame that is riveted to the cabin structure. This prevents bending of the skins and engine mount problems, especially on rough landings. On some kits on the market today, the only thing holding the firewall is the skins. This can lead to skin bending and other problems on rough landings.