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I am interested in building a kit plane and am just starting to shop around.
How can I pick the best kit plane? Where should I start?
Would you agree that composite designs are more technologically advanced than the old aluminium technology?
So many kit manufacturers, so many designs, it is confusing. How can I make the right decision?
How may kits have you sold and how many are flying?
I looked at your performance numbers on the website and found them very impressive. However, are these numbers realistic or optimistic? How did you come up with these figures? Are they actual or computer-generated estimates?
Did you put your design through any kind of test?
How did you come up with your estimate of 1000 hours building time for the regular TUNDRA kit? It seems a bit low for a beginner, isn?t it?
How much time would I save by purchasing your fast build option kit ?
What kind of factory support can I expect?
What kind of tools and jigs do I need?
What parts are supplied with the kit and what quality do you use?
What type of engine can be used for the Tundra?
You are showing a price difference in your price list between the conventional gear (tail dragger) and the tricycle gear TUNDRA. What is the difference?
Are the float attachment brackets included with the TUNDRA kit ?
Is it possible to test fly the TUNDRA?